L is for Long-Haul COVID

At this moment in the United States, there have been 20 million cases of COVID, but it is unknown how many of those have experienced long-term COVID complications that range from mild (fatigue and a persistent cough) to more severe medical problems (breathing and heart issues) that last for weeks or months. Doctors are still trying to figure out the causes of these lasting effects on the lung, heart, and other organs caused by inflammation associated with COVID.   This is one story of a long-haul COVID survivor from Alexis Crumbley initially posted her story on Facebook on September, 16, 2020 (reprinted in full with permission from the author). At the time of this posting, Alexis’ Facebook post has been shared by over 229,000 people, received over 26,000 comments, and inspired 102,000 bit emojis.   The Crumbley family at Stonehenge before flying back to the US in March. Shortly after this photo was taken, upon return to the U.S., Alexis Crumbley was hospitalized with high fever and intense chest pain. From left: Susan, Alexis, Claire and Christopher Crumbley. (Photo courtesy of Alexis Crumbley) So I might just delete this post.Anyways, here goes. Today is my six month anniversary of coming down with Covid. I’ve been dealing with the repercussions for SIX MONTHS. I didn’t want to share on Facebook before, but  I have shared privately with friends. Today I…

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